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Abigail Gratzol

Hi, I’m Abby and this is my second year on GENESIS as a writer and photographer. I am also the communications specialist for Memorial Student Tech Services, so I’ll be writing some technology-related pieces. I love history, science, and writing. My favorite type of writing is creative and I want to create things that people will enjoy.

Abigail Gratzol, Staff Writer

Apr 04, 2020
“Doctor Who”: the latest season was mind-blowing, but does it stand up? (Story)
Mar 16, 2020
How to Clean Your iPad (Story)
Mar 07, 2020
“Anne With an E” teaches fans one more lesson (Story)
Mar 03, 2020
Current bathroom break rules are shameful (Story/Media)
Feb 29, 2020
Meet the Tech Team: Fresh Meat Edition (Story/Media)
Feb 20, 2020
Meet the Tech Team: O.G. Edition (Story/Media)
Feb 12, 2020
Teachers gather at Elkhart Memorial for Institute Day (Story/Media)
Feb 05, 2020
How to keep personal devices safe at school (Story/Media)
Jan 19, 2020
How to WiFi (Story/Media)
Dec 10, 2019
What is Memorial Student Tech Services and who is involved? (Story/Media)
May 13, 2019
Happy Mother’s Day (Story)
May 10, 2019
Junior Laura Ernsberger takes action (Story/Media)
Apr 25, 2019
Celebrating religious holidays when you’re not religious anymore (Story/Media)
Mar 16, 2019
It’s Marvelous: No-spoiler review of “Captain Marvel” (Story)
Mar 06, 2019
Will Captain Marvel be the hero we’ve been waiting for? (Story)
Mar 01, 2019
Parental Advisory: Graphic Material (Story/Media)
Feb 15, 2019
Abstinence-only education is a mistake (Story/Media)
Feb 04, 2019
SAT’s: What you need to know (Story)
Jan 23, 2019
Mythbusters is back with some new, young faces (Story)
Dec 26, 2018
More than a fundraiser (Story/Media)
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Abigail Gratzol