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What began as one high school’s journalism publication eventually evolved into two: The Pennant at Elkhart-East (formerly Central) and Genesis at Elkhart-West (formerly Memorial). But, now, the two shall become one once again. Therefore, what you see this year is the result of what happens when “East” meets “West.”

Going back in history, though, The Pennant student publication has experienced the a significant number of facelifts over time–just to keep up with the times! Beginning as The Pennant in 1908 when still a part of Elkhart High School, the publication was produced once a month. Over time, it transformed into The Pennant Weekly. In 1966, the publication took on the name of Blazer Pennant when the school moved from downtown Elkhart to its current location at 1 Blazer Blvd. Over time, it transformed from a weekly newspaper back to a monthly publication. In 1993, however, it moved from a newspaper format to that of a newsmagazine. More recently, the publication was able to incorporate color on the cover and several inside pages. However, the greatest advancement in its storied history occurred in 2019: The Blazer Pennant went  online. With the 2020-21 school merger, however, the  Blazer Pennant  became simply the “Pennant.” It can be found at

Joining them this same year is  Elkhart-West’s Genesis, which began in 1972. Unlike The Pennant, Genesis began as a newsmagazine and continued along that path without interruption for 46 years. It also moved from a traditional black-and-white publication to color. Two years ago, however, Genesis made the incredible  leap to go online in anticipation of the school merger. With COVID-19 impacting both programs this year, however, it was decided to take another gigantic leap for mankind: uniting forces a year ahead of schedule.

Thus, students from both campuses will publish from their respective buildings on this one, unified website for the remainder of this COVID-19 year. Next year, however, they will also be under one roof–and will be entirely unified . As always, the aim will be to have students  publish 9 issues that can be accessed on this website in a traditional newsmagazine-style format. Not only will this enable readers to retain the feel of the hard-copy publication, but it will also enable the students on staff the opportunity to learn layout-and-design techniques with such programs as InDesign and PhotoShop–two programs that are still widely used even within the online publishing world.

However, going online also means that we can offer even more than what can fit within the confines of a monthly issue. Thus, additional articles and photographs will be published in a timely manner throughout each month and be readily accessible through this website–providing readers with more opportunities to visit our site continuously.


Students producing this publication follow the Student Journalist’s Code of Ethics, which not only means that they will aim to provide fair and unbiased reporting  but also that they will refrain from obscenity, libel, and  conduct deliberately leading to disruption within the school. That said, Opinion articles should reflect the opinion of the writer, which may or may not be the same as that of others on staff, their peers, or the administration. The Pennant and Genesis also welcome Letters to the Editor, even if it is not flattering to either publication. However, it reserves the right to edit for length, inappropriate language, and any legal issues, such as libel.

The Pennant Newsmagazine is an elective credit-course offered at Elkhart High School-East. Likewise, Genesis is an elective credit-course offered at Elkhart High School-West. Each has the same mission: teaching  all stages of journalism to its students–from interviewing, writing, and editing to layout, design, and photography. It even offers opportunities to hone one’s marketing skills through advertising, the proceeds from which go toward production costs, including the annual website fee for SNO Sites.


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