Mythbusters is back with some new, young faces


Abigail Gratzol, Staff Writer

Way back in 2003, a giant leap for mankind was lept. The leap was the creation of the show, “Mythbusters.” In it, the hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, conducted scientific experiments based around common myths in order to find them confirmed, busted, or plausible.

We all grew up with this show. For me, it was one of the reasons I am now a huge nerd. When it ended in 2016, it felt like a piece of my childhood ended with it.

Then, just a year later, the show was revived with new hosts. I was excited when I heard about it, but when I watched it, I found that the new version just didn’t have the same feel as the original. It was missing something.

Over winter break, I was binge watching the old show, when I learned that the Science Channel was launching another “Mythbusters” product: “Mythbusters Jr.” In this incarnation, Savage would be back hosting alongside a crew of six teenage scientists to test more myths. Given my slight disappointment last time, I was cautious about getting excited for the show.

That all melted away when I saw it. It’s everything the old “Mythbusters” was and more. It’s cheesy, funny, sciencey, and nostalgic. Plus, it’s cool to see young people doing these large scale experiments.

So, if you are a nerd like me, or if you are wanting to feel a little nostalgic, check out “Mythbusters Jr” on the Science Channel.

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