How to WiFi

Your guide to WiFi at EMHS


Abigail Gratzol

The Tech Service Desk gets a lot of customers asking about WiFi. Read Abby Gratzol’s “How to WiFi” if you need help troubleshooting.

Abigail Gratzol, Staff Writer

At the tech desk, we’ve been getting a lot of customers asking about WiFi. So, in order to save you a trip, I’ve compiled some of the most common issues and the solutions.

Need to connect to WiFi on your personal device (phone or laptop):

Go to the Media Center or the Tech Service Desk. (If you are not in one of these locations, you will not be able to complete the process.)

Make sure your device is not/ has not ever been connected to the ECS-Guest WiFi network:

  • If it has, go to the “info” option on that network by pressing the “i” and select the “forget this network” option.

On your device, connect to the ECS-Onboarding WiFi network.

Open web browser (Apple Devices MUST use Safari).

Go to “” .

When the website asks for your credentials: 

  • Username- ID number 
  • Password- school email password

Select JoinNow button

Allow website to download profile.

Follow the instructions provided to connect device (read them carefully).

Once you are done, make sure your device is connected to ECS-Wireless WiFi network.

If you have already completed the above steps on your personal device and it is still not connecting:

Make sure you do not have more than two personal devices connected to ECS-Wireless WiFi network.

  • If this is the case, you will have to come to the tech service desk and we will fill out a work order for the old devices to be removed. 

Try following the steps again.

  • When you complete the onboarding process, a certificate is created, allowing your device to be connected to the ECS-Wireless WiFi network. That certificate expires every year. If you complete the process again, the certificate will be renewed.

Having trouble with WiFi on a school device?

Make sure you are connected to ECS-Wireless.

Make sure you have “auto-join” turned on for this network.

Try doing a hard reset (holding down power and home buttons until screen goes dark and Apple logo appears).

If you try all these things but nothing is fixed, come down to the Tech Service Desk and we’ll help you! It’s by the cafeteria and now open every hour!