A Netflix Treasure Returns: Outer Banks

A Netflix Treasure Returns: Outer Banks

Abby Rauguth, Editor-in-Chief

The show of the past summers… making its return in January.

Outer Banks will be making its grand return this Feb. 24 for its third season on Netflix. The show debuted April of 2020, and quickly gained popularity, becoming known as the show of the summer. Season 2 was later released in June 2021. Starring actors and actresses Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, and Drew Starkey, the show is centered around the character of John B, the plot follows him and his friends who embark on a seemingly never-ending treasure hunt. 

With the release date coming up soon, many students and fans of the show have high hopes for what to expect!  Khyri Lancaster, a sophomore, explains the excitement surrounding this upcoming season. “The cliffhangers really left us all on the edge of our seats, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!” As with every show, new seasons mean new characters; Lancaster also reveals the anticipation to see these new faces on screen, which include actor and actress Andy McQueen and Fiona Palomo. 

Many fans have differing opinions on the release date of the show, including Lancaster. Since the show has previously been released in the summer, as well as the plot strictly taking place in the summer, many are upset to learn of the February release date. Although, this date wasn’t a complete surprise to some fans, as Madelyn Cline, actress for character Sarah Cameron had previously, accidentally leaked the date during an interview. 

There are also some speculating rumors that this will be the final season. Lancaster reveals this as the only rumor he has heard, and he hopes it’s the last. If it does prove true, Lancaster hopes the show has an appropriate ending. “My wish is for the characters to all have a good ending, seeing tragic deaths is something I definitely don’t want to experience.” With this in mind, Lancaster wouldn’t mind the departure of a few of his least favorite characters–including antagonists Ward Cameron and Rafe Cameron. 

The show, coming out in just mere weeks, is keeping the fans excited, anxiously awaiting to see what treasurer’s plays out on screen!