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Within The World Of Taylor Swift 


Taylor Swift: media’s current phenomenon. 

With the largest grossing tour, The Eras Tour starting back up, the media has all spotlights on Taylor Swift. Just within the last few months, Swift has made headlines non-stop. From her Grammy achievements, album announcements, movie premieres, international shows, and attendance at NFL games, all eyes are on Swift. 

Just a few weeks ago, at the 66th annual Grammys Awards, Swift shocked the world with her new album announcement: The Tortured Poets Department, being released April 19. This was a surprise to the attendees and watchers at home, but the Swifties knew a surprise was about to drop.

Speculations were circling around the fandom, with many believing Swift would be announcing Reputation (Taylor’s Version), following the pattern of past occasions of announcing albums during her acceptance speeches. But, some believed an even larger surprise was in the works. Even sophomore, and fellow Swiftie, Katie Chrobot didn’t fall into the theory of Reputation. “I definitely thought it was a slight possibility, but I’ve always believed it will be dropped unannounced because “There will be no explanation, there will just be reputation.” the iconic motto of Reputation.” Then, during Swift’s first acceptance speech of the night is when the grand secret was revealed…a brand new album! Chrobot was shocked with surprise! “The album announcement was absolutely insane!” While Swift seems to be following a pattern for her announcements, Chrobot still couldn’t believe this one, but is always ready for whatever Swift has to offer.

Even with the new album announcement, the night wasn’t over just yet. Swift continued to win one more Grammy…Album of the Year, the biggest award of the night, making Swift the first ever artist to win AOTY four times! “I think this achievement is so unreal and insane!” Chrobot reveals, “It’s so incredibly deserved, and my hope is that she keeps breaking her own record for it.” With the reveal of Swift’s new album, and two more re-records to come, many opportunities are present for more achievements. Though many start to question how much longer it will be until all re-records are released, Reputation, and Debut, still being the last two albums in the vault.

Will these re-records come after the new album? Will they be out by the end of the year? How many new albums are already in the works to be announced? Chrobot believes that both re-records are coming soon. “My guess is probably one late this year, and the last one sometime in 2025.” While the fandom also believes Reputation TV is definitely next, Chrobot speculates that Debut may be next instead. “Reputation is a lot more popular than debut, so once it comes out, I think many people may become disinterested in the debut re-recording since all the albums they prefer have already been released.” Though Chrobot does combat this theory with thoughts of a flipped agenda. “However… I do fully understand Taylor taking back her reputation and THEN her name, both ideas are definitely a possibility!” Swift is full of surprises Chrobot explains, “She loves to surprise us, so we just have to wait and watch her plan reveal itself!” 

With a new album, and re-record speculations dropping left and right, a timeline starts to form. A pattern of announcements and albums begin to be revealed. It’s known that The Tortured Poets Department has been a secret for two years, so it’s definitely a possibility that the next album is already being written and curated. “I think that Taylor is always working on something new. As an artist, I’m sure her brain is always reeling, and she’s always making new music–especially with the way that her brain works and how meticulously she plans things,” Chrobot expresses. While Chrobot doubts Swift currently has anything fully ready, things are definitely in the works. “I would honestly be even more surprised if she hasn’t been working on a new album recently!” 

The 66th Annual Grammys was a night to remember, but Swift had to hurry back to her tour. The Eras Tour currently continues internationally, but will wrap back around to North America near the end of the year. The Eras Shows are approximately three hours long, with songs from every album being performed, but does the Eras Tour have any space left for this new album? Some believe Swift may change the set list, while others believe these new songs will fall into the category of surprise songs. Chrobot is a firm believer that the set list won’t change much with this album addition. “The set list is already so insanely long! Though I can definitely see her just replacing a few songs, I’m pretty sure these new songs will just fall into surprise song territory!” 

Alongside the Eras Tour, the media has also taken Swift’s attendance at NFL games by storm. While Swift is juggling her own career, she’s also showing up for boyfriend Travis Kelce, a player of the Kansas City Chiefs. Many have differing opinions on Swift and the NFL world mixing together. Though Chrobot finds the situation humorous, “The controversy of her attending the games is so funny to me.” Chrobot reveals how everything has been blown so far out of proportion. “Taylor ended up only being shown for around 54 seconds total during the Super Bowl; there’s too much reaction happening in result for less than a minute of screen time!” In the end, Swift is attending games to support someone she cares about, the expectation of any relationship. “I’m truly glad Taylor is able to be there for Travis; it’s adorable!” While society fixates on Swift in the football world, she continues her tour, and her career, without a glance back. 

As Swift continues traveling the world and taking upon new cities on The Eras Tour, the media will follow close behind, capturing all the secrets and surprises Swift is notorious for… and the world of Taylor Swift will keep on spinning. 


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