Creative Bathroom Passes: Should They Stay Or Should They “Go”!


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

Paint Palette, Footballs, and Slippers–oh, my!

Wacky and weird has been all the rage with strange bathroom passes floating around the school this year. Sophomore Zoe Omana finds the passes “pretty funny.” The teachers apparently do, too, as many put their own spin on things with unique and individual passes that represent their interests and their classes.

Omana recalls one particular stand-out pass: “I’ve seen a big portrait pass!” Students can thank art teacher Mr. Kevin Hartman for that one! Fellow art teacher, Mr. Matthew Hartman, has a defunct camera as a bathroom pass for use during his photography class. While some art teachers have paint palettes or paintings, other teachers are also getting in on the action: one coach has a deflated football; presumably, a foods teacher is stirring it up with an oversized spoon!

As creative as these passes are, students seem torn about them; some believe it is funny and a great way to mix things up, while others aren’t
necessarily pleased, feeling awkward carrying everything from toilet seats to bricks into the bathroom with them. On the upside, though, few of these passes ever go missing! Noting how massive some of these creative bathroom passes can be, it also creates problems figuring out where to put them when using the facilities.

Omana reasons through this: “They should be put outside the stall”–which sounds like a plausible idea, but maybe the school should consider making a pass station if these outrageous passes continue. Reflecting on it a bit longer, Omana comes to this conclusion: “It may be best if they just use a regular, normal pass!”