Wheel Spinners: Colorful Decision Making!


Kami Bell, Staff Writer

With a Spin-the-Wheel app, decision making has never been easier.

Having a hard time choosing what to eat for dinner…or maybe where to hang with friends this weekend? Leave it to the wheel; it’ll make decisions easier!  In fact, they’re all the rage these days! 

Danny Ruiz, a junior, loves using these apps to help him make all sorts of decisions. “I’ve used Spin-the-Wheel apps quite a few times before,” he admits. “They helped me decide which movies or TV shows to binge watch and what video game to play when I’m bored. When I’m unsure of a decision,” he continues, “I don’t have to stress; the wheel will make it for me!”

Ruiz is not the only one who loves these apps. Spin-the-Wheel: Random Picker has over 43,000 reviews–approximately 83% of which were five stars. The app has received unending positive feedback from users all over. When a tough decision has to be made, hundreds of thousands simply reach for their phone and make their decision with a few clicks! 

It only takes a few simple steps to use these apps. Simply download the app, enter the options (most apps allow users to enter up to 100 options), and spin! Most users also like to experiment with different types of wheels and different color schemes to give their wheel a more personalized touch. For this reason, Ruiz would not hesitate suggesting this app–or ones like it–to anyone. 

“I highly recommend these apps!” Ruiz exclaims. “Anyone can use them because they’re so easy! You can make decisions so fast,” he explains, “and what’s more fun than a fancy wheel to help you decide?” With the personalized options and the capability to store so many categories, Ruiz sees endless possibilities for this app. “I love my Spin-the-Wheel app, I think everyone should try one!” 

Know someone struggling to determine what to wear to a party, which college to go to, or how to spend a million dollars? Just tell them to pick up their phone and download a wheel spinner! Pick a fun color scheme, enter some options, and spin! It’s never been so easy! “Just leave it to the wheel!” Ruiz says, beaming.