Girlfriends! Who Needs Them!

Lil Tjay’s recent breakup may be the inspiration for his upcoming release.

Girlfriends! Who Needs Them!

Jonathan Nunley, Writer-East

Girlfriends! Who needs them!

Lil Tjay recently got his heart broken, and now fans are speculating that—as a result—his best music will be coming out soon. Some think it’s because he will want to express what he is feeling towards that girl. He will want to let her know through his lyrics that she meant the world to him.

But, Tjay has released songs about heartbreak in the past. So, what will make this one more interesting? Nothing really. It’s just the need to know about a celebrity’s private life. Who would want to break his heart? What’s the backstory? Who’s to blame? Moreover, he’s a good rapper; he has a very good style; and, he is extremely wealthy. He can afford things in this world that most people can’t. That’s what keeps him in the public eye and on the charts.

Promoters say his music will be out in the next few months. But, some fear that because of the violent direction he’s been taking on social media that he will he take his music too far, as well. They base this in the fact that when he still had his girl, he wouldn’t post guns or do anything “stupid.” But, once that ended, he just went “crazy”–posting guns and extolling violence. 

Dakota Holt, an Elkhart-West freshman, feels for Tjay. “But,” he adds, “the music is what I’ve been waiting for for so long. I felt like the past few months he’s been lacking on his other songs.” Thus, while songs can become inspiration for great music, the bottom line is that Tjay needs to make sure that his emotions don’t get the better of him.

Lil Tjay will hopefully realize “there’s plenty of fish in the ocean” and get back on track with his soundtracks. He is a talented singer–his lyrics and beats speak to that.  Thus, if art imitates life, fans are surely hoping that Lil Tjay spills his heartfelt emotions and not bad blood through his new songs.