The Mandalorian, Season Two

Here’s all that you need to know before watching the new season of Disney´s, ¨The Mandalorian¨.


Jacob Steed, Staff Writer

“The Mandalorian” is a critically acclaimed show produced for Disney+ that includes the use of new techniques, like a virtual set instead of the use of green screens. The highly anticipated second season has begun dropping, that and more will be covered in this article.

At the writing of this article only one episode of season two has been aired on Disney+. One episode will come out every Friday until the 8-episode season has been completed. Season two has the same amount of episodes as the first season, and the finale will be aired on Friday, December 18th. 

You also may be wondering how the pandemic has affected the show. As it is right now, the show finished shooting before the mass lockdowns so there were no major issues filming. Post Production continued normally, employees were quarantined so the second season has not been affected at all. 

The first episode of the new season already drops a lot of hints of when the story takes place, and gives plenty of fan service for those Star Wars fanatics. In the first episode, the destruction of the Death Star is brought up and the salvaged mandalorian armor one of the characters wear reminds me a lot of Boba Fett’s. 

The new episode continues right where the last left off and introduces some new characters, none of which seem to stay after this episode but we will see in the future, of course. 

Personally I enjoyed it, there were plenty of cool action scenes and had segments where more of the lore was explored. It definitely surprised me to see the reference to the Death Star and its destruction. 

Overall, the second season seems to be delivering what the first did: a quality new Star Wars story that explores the lore and has some incredible action segments. All of this, of course, is accompanied by the mystery behind the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.