Shooting Oneself In The Foot!


Jane Gatzemeyer, Writer

Life in prison? A slap on the wrist?

What should be the consequence of shooting someone in the foot?

Tory Lanez will soon find out.

On July 12, Tory Lanez (aka Daystar Peterson) shot Megan Thee Stallion (Megan Pete) in Los Angeles. The two apparently had an argument, which resulted in him shooting her in the foot.

Two months later, the verbal attacks continued. Megan responded to Tory’s public version of the incident saying, “Stop lying.” Many social media influencers and celebrities also weighed in on the incident, which shows how big of an impact this truly has had on the celebrity world.

Disney star Keke Palmer, for instance, defends Megan by saying that Tory has “toxic behavior.” American singer, songwriter, and artist known as “Kehlani” removed Tory’s verse from one of her albums. But, will any of their actions affect his sentencing? The verdict is still out.

What is known is that Tory faces a maximum of up to 22 years in prison for assault if convicted. He was scheduled to appear in court Oct. 13. But, since then, there have been no new articles on how the sentence has come down. Moreover, Tory also seems to be focusing a lot on his music career and social media platforms, as if nothing has happened.

Elkhart East student Britton Fahrenkrog feels strongly about the subject. “I don’t think you should be able to just carry around a gun and shoot like that—even if you are mad. Yes,” she continues, “it was just at her feet, but that’s still bad!” As for the prison sentencing? Fahrenkrog wonders about the rationale of spending so many years behind bars. “With a possible 22-year sentence [if convicted], I think is a little too much,” she asserts. “Rapists and child predators don’t get that much time.”

Regardless of the amount of time Tory may or may not spend in jail, this could spell out “The End” to his career. One might even say that he actually shot himself in the foot this time!