Getting “Wrapped” Up In Music


Emily Martinez-Esqueda, Staff Writer

Know what’s better than one’s favorite song popping up on the radio every now and again? It’s having a FAVORITE playing on repeat at any time of the day one chooses!

Spotify can do just that. The top streaming music app allows one to listen to all his or her favorite songs online and offline. A subscription to it provides listeners even more access to additional options. Every year, for instance, Spotify comes out with a “Spotify Wrapped” that gives subscribers the list of their top artists, music, and genres. It also gives them the amount of minutes spent listening to music throughout the ENTIRE year… and even exactly how many times that person listened to his or her top song.

Spotify also takes all of a person’s most played songs and jumbles them up into one playlist titled “Your Top Songs.” This gives listeners many other mixtures of their top music and is, overall, a unique way to get to know one’s tastes better. Additionally, this is such a great opportunity for friends to see just how similar they really truly are. What could be more fun than to open one’s “wrapped” at the same time as someone else to see what similarities pop up! 

A variety of sophomores from Elkhart High School shared either who their top artist was or which was their top genre. Some were notably very similar to one another–and the others proved to be on their own with their music tastes. From this sampling, the artist who was most played (widely by the girls) was Bad Bunny. Sophomore Maria Quintero confesses,“I’m not that surprised Benito (Bad Bunny) was my top artist, considering he’s all I listen to 24/7!” And, the top genres were Mexican music and rap. Among the rap artists, the most popular was Kendrick Lamar. Oddly, one person who was very different from the other students surveyed said her top artist was Taylor Swift. Knowing that the school if filled with other Swifties, her mission will be to seek them out and possibly make new friends.

By comparing lists, people will be get to know each other–and music–at little better. Now, that’s something to get “wrapped” up in!