Love On Tour: Going To A Concert In “Style”


Abby Rauguth, Editor

Love on Tour; It feels like a daydream. 

While Harry Styles kick-started his tour off with the One Night Only performance in New York City, he continued on to Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and has now arrived at his United States Residencies (New York, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles.)  While Styles had previously just performed a few shows per city, he is now ranking up to fifteen shows per city in the United States. Clearly, Harry Styles is one of the biggest artists on tour and his fan base can vouch for this. His concerts are considered to be  a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, and many explain the feeling as being in a “mini- community.” 

Styles’ fan base as a whole could very well be considered a community. The fans dress up and “go all out” for each one of his shows. Bright and sparkly is a common theme throughout everyone’s outfit, as well as Styles’ outfits. What he comes out on stage wearing is always greatly anticipated for the show. Some fans will even create fan projects; an example could be rainbow lights during a specific song of the show, or matching signs that everyone will hold up. Madilyn Makowski, a senior, explains the environment of the concert from first-hand experience: “It was super safe and friendly! Everyone that I met was so kind, and we were all buzzing with the same excitement!” 

While the concert is a huge success, it wouldn’t be able to happen without the fans. Styles makes this clear at every show. He continues to thank the fanbase, saying nothing would be possible without them. The fans feel the same way towards Styles himself. To Makowski, Harry is “a kind soul.” She continues to explain. “He is someone who can be authentic and still be kind towards everyone. I’ve been a fan of his forever, and growing up with him and his career has been so much fun.”

He carries his memo of kindness throughout his fanbase, even having a song titled Treat People with Kindness. Asher Grove, a sophomore, describes Harry as a role model. “He has a great impact on everyone. He’s not just every other actor or celebrity; he truly sees people not just as fans, but as support.” Grove was also able to attend one of the shows and added how the environment was very “open and welcoming…everyone shared the same love, and it was such a comfortable experience.” To express this love, Styles was given an honorable banner and speech referring to him as “walking joy, walking happiness, and walking love” after performing for fifteen consecutive nights at Madison Square Garden, New York City. 

Makowski continues to speak on how the concert was such a surreal experience. She even describes the show as a “dream.” Fortunate enough to have pit tickets, she was able to see Styles very close, and this can now be considered one of her core memories. Throughout the whole performance, Makowski reveals how she felt as if she were dreaming. Both Grove and Makowski share being able to see Harry coming on stage as their favorite moment. For Grove, Harry performing Matilda was such a special moment. “Ever since I first heard the song, it had a great personal impact on me, because it’s just something I relate to on such a deep level.”

Makowski reveals her favorite moment was when Styles performed Kiwi. “The song has the best energy. Everyone in the crowd is so excited! Near the end, he also does the whale, which is a water trick, and it was very iconic to be able to see it up close!” Grove adds to say how Kiwi was a personal favorite, as well, “It’s such a fun song and includes even getting to see Harry having a rock vibe!” While this performance was Makowski’s favorite, she includes how hearing Sign of the Times live meant so much to her: “Music is a coping mechanism for me, and getting to hear a song I love so much live was magical!” 

While Styles will soon be leaving Chicago, his tour is not over just yet. After the Los Angeles residency, and turning into 2023, Styles will be visiting the United Kingdom and Europe once again, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Brazil, and Germany. The fans are once again buzzing with excitement and anticipating this tour just as much as the next.