Start Reading “It Starts With Us”


Abby Rauguth, Editor

Colleen Hoover, a No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of 22 novels, continues the storyline of her best selling book. 

It Starts With Us picks up the story line of Hoover’s best selling It Ends With Us. The fans are ecstatic to continue reading this beautiful story. The story follows the character of Lily, who has just broken free from an abusive relationship; she is finding herself, alongside with re-connecting with her best friend Atlas. Many find Lily’s story empowering. The novel is so much more than any other romance novel; it’s heartbreaking and shows an inside view on abusive relationships. 

Bayleigh Tweedy, a junior, starts off by expressing the hope for Hoover to continue the love story between Atlas and Lily. “They both deserve their happy ending. I’m hoping we will get to see it happen throughout this book.” Tweedy explains the love while reading the first book. “I couldn’t stop reading…I didn’t even stop until I finished the book at 3 a.m!” Tweedy goes on to speak about how the first book was quite “corny,” and the expectations that this book will have a more smooth storyline. “I prefer reading and not always knowing what’s going to happen next. The first book revealed too much of the plot too soon.” 

Even though the first book had a few flaws, Tweedy’s favorite character was Altas Corrigan. He was Lily’s first love interest when she was younger, and he is a “very sweet and genuine character.” His love for Lily was beautiful. Tweedy would like to see more of a love story in this book, as the last book was more focused on the storyline of the relationship Lily was trying to escape from. “The first book was very special, and definitely had great meaning, but we all–the audience and the characters included–deserve to read the love story between Lily and Atlas.

Hoover has written countless books, and many have become popular favorites. A favorite of Tweedy’s is Verity. “This book is much more than just romance; there’s mystery and suspense–you were able to find the thrills out at the same time as the characters!” This book was plot twist after plot twist, and the ending left the readers wanting more.

Regardless of this book being Tweedy’s favorite, she is still highly looking forward to It Starts With Us, and ends by letting all know she will be reading it the very second it comes out!