Colleen Hoover Keeps Romance Alive In Her Novels


Jenny Quintano, Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the romance has to end–at least not when it comes to romantic novels!

For those searching for books that take their audience on a journey with their emotions and end up leaving them relieved–yet destroyed in the best way–Colleen Hoover has got that covered.

Hoover is a 42-year-old author with over 20 novellas to her credit, numerous of which have landed on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Her novellas fall in the genres between Young Adult and New Adult Contemporary Romance. But, what makes Hoover stand out from other authors? Ashlyn Goering, a senior, responds: “I love how she makes the settings so vivid and the characters so comfortable.”

Most of the best known novellas by Hoover are It Ends with Us, Ugly Love, November 9th, Verity, and her most recent book Reminders of Him. Goering says, “I have read It Ends With Us, and the beginning of Ugly Love and Reminders of Him.”  She continues to say, “It Ends With Us is definitely my favorite!”

After just releasing her new book Reminders of Him on Jan.18, she has already announced that a new book–Starts with Us–will come out on Oct. 18, making It Ends With Us a series, as it will go back into more of the main character’s earlier life. 

This author is taking the reading market by storm. Hoover is even admired on “Booktok,” which is a group on TikTok that talks about books, authors, recommendations, reviews, and many other book-related topics. Hoover’s books have definitely impacted readers in a positive way. The fans go insane when she announces new books or just old quotes. She just has a way of keeping her audience on their toes!So, what’s Goering’s favorite quote from all of Hoover’s novels?  “There is no such thing as bad people; we’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.” She goes on to say, “ I love that quote because it resonates so much with Ryle [Kincaid, who is featured in It Ends with Us]–and it makes sense.”