Most Popular Names In 2021


Nakori Cachiguango, Staff Writer

Names are like the first introductions to a person before almost anything else. It’s the first thing one hears to identify a person in order to find or meet him or her, etc. There can be all kinds of names–unique ones, memorable ones–but there are now a few that have been used so often this year that they are now known as the most common baby names used in the year 2021.

Starting off with girls first. Olivia is ranked No. 1 on the most popular female baby names in 2021. But, why? Popularity comes from how something is made up of or what it has to attract  the attention of society. Olivia, a Latin name, means “ olive tree” which symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. A person of peace. “I never knew my name was so common,” shares sophomore Olivia Lopez. She continues to say, “To be honest, it’s kind of cool, cause I am usually described as a peace-bringer type of person.” Coming in second as the most popular on the feminine side is Emma. A traditional English name with Germanic roots, Emma has the meaning of “whole” or “universal.”  It signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual. 

As top ranked for popular boy names, first place goes to the name Liam. It is an Irish-originating name that signifies “resolute protection.”  According to the internet, people named Liam are more strong-willed and have the tendency to care for others and be over-protective. Its popularity is more likely coming from a few pop culture celebrities who carry the name. Some such as Liam Gallagher (90’s rock band Oasis), Liam Payne (One Direction member), and a few famous actors, such as the Irish actor Liam Neeson. As for second place, the name Noah takes the win. Noah is known to actually be a Hebrew name that means “rest.”  A person who goes by Noah is usually a person who people tend to trust and confide their emotions and feelings with. Its popularity comes from the fact that the  name Noah is more of a classic name, as well as it comes from pop culture films like the Notebook, Glee, and Desperate Housewives.

Every name is different, but people are named constantly as birth rates increase throughout the year. A lot of times, there isn’t as much variety in names because they are used so much. It’s always a fun coincidence when a person meets another with the same name.