It’s The Holidays!


Adyan Al-Shamri, Staff Writer

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Winter break, the halfway point of the year, signifying the semester’s end. Many look forward to this point of the year–Christmas time, unlimiting gaming, and a time for family and friends to get together. 

Even with all the excitement of the break, there is one situation that always seems to occur: boredom. With unlimited time for one to do whatever he or she pleases, this can corner some with no ideas. “I always feel bored during break. And, I’d say a cure for boredom is playing games with friends and family,” sophomore Jennifer Melendez states.  

Senior Alvaro Martinez finds himself doing exactly that to stray away from boredom. “I usually never get bored during break! I’m usually helping my dad outside or inside, but when I have the chance, I isolate myself from my family.”

The holiday doesn’t always have to be boring. With many celebrating Christmas and awaiting New Years, the break can be a time of preparation and celebration. “My family celebrates Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day,” Melendez explains. “We meet up with relatives and make traditional Salvadoran food. We wait till Christmas day and then open gifts. We also do the same for New Year’s Eve. It can be really exciting.”  

One thing that almost all students seems to agree on, despite whether they celebrate the holidays or not, is the overwhelming joy and relief to get a break from school. The last two weeks can be stressful for many students with finals and getting all assignments in before the deadline. This two-week break could be exactly what they need. Martinez feels the relief, as well. “I really don’t find myself missing school at all. Break is just a relief to me because it’s finally when I don’t have to stress about anything other than talking to my family.” Melendez also adds her input on a break from school. “When I’m on break, I don’t miss school at all. Sometimes I feel like my break could last forever. I think the reason why I don’t miss school is because I don’t have to worry about work.”

Even if many think of break as just a quiet time away from school, there is more to it than relaxing. Martinez speaks on what he believes is the importance of break: “ Spend time with your family and loved ones, and don’t take them for granted.” Even if people might think it’s important, looking back they won’t regret it.