Are Movie Theaters A Thing Of The Past?


Kami Bell, Staff Writer

With at-home rental options readily available, movie theaters seem to be less popular. 

From drive-in movies, to movie theaters, to, now, at-home movie rental–as better technology is created, normal everyday actions update, as well. A Friday night movie with friends used to be the perfect way to relax and have fun after a long week. However, in recent years, at-home movie rental has become much more accessible to people everywhere. The concept took off immediately, and many people now choose to watch new movies from home, rather than visiting a theater. But, what does that mean for movie theaters everywhere? Are movie theaters now a thing of the past?

Junior Jalynn Gartner explains why she prefers the movie theater experience over at home movie rental. “You don’t get the same experience at home,” Gartner explains. “You don’t get to visit the concessions or watch the movie on the big screen.” The large movie screen is a major perk according to many moviegoers. “I suppose some might think it’s nice to be extra comfortable at home, though.”  

Another possible contributing factor to the decrease in interest in visiting movie theaters, according to sophomore Gisela Melendez, is the COVID pandemic. Melendez explains how COVID may have made home movie rental more appealing in recent years. 

“COVID definitely contributes to the rising popularity of renting movies at home,” Melendez says. “People are simply trying to protect themselves by avoiding interaction with others.” Melendez believes that people are bored in their homes and rent new movies to keep themselves busy. “I definitely think that, if anything, movie theaters are going to become more popular in upcoming years, because people will be excited to be out and about again!”