Winter Break Is Almost Here! Let The Fun Begin!


Salah Ali, Staff Writer

Break is almost here!

With this, many students are excited to finish off the semester with their own plan of what to do while they are away. Some might go places, some might decide to spend time with their family and friends, and some might just see it as an opportunity to relax for a minute. No matter what somebody may decide to do over this break, it is one that everyone is excited for.

It’s not break yet, but a lot of students already have plans for what they are going to do ahead of time. One of these students with such plans is Jason Mason, a sophomore. “I am excited for break.,” Mason states. “My favorite part about break is no school!” Isn’t this everyone’s favorite part? There is so much to do for break, and here’s what Mason has on the calendar: “I plan to stay at home for most of break, but for Christmas, I’ll be going to my grandparents house.” Spending time with extended family, he states, is a great thing to do over break.

Even if someone hasn’t planned to do something for break, there is still lots to do! For starters, reading is always an option. Who knows; there’s always a possibility that there is a certain genre that could be preferred. Someone might even find his or her favorite book over break. Reading isn’t for everyone, however, and there are alternatives. Some may like to watch a show, or even watch a movie. There are those who would rather be out during break. Sledding, skiing, tubing, skating, etc., are all out there for the winter.

Maybe the person reading this is like Mason and is going somewhere, or maybe has no clue what he or she is even going to do yet. Whatever someone may decide to do over break, there is always something that can be found, whether it was planned or just on the spur of a moment. Whichever category fits, everyone can equally have fun just by even doing something simple, or way out there. Enjoy break!