Christmas Trees: Live vs. Artificial


Kyla Albright, Staff Writer

Christmas trees are a big part of Christmas, but which is more popular?– real trees or artificial ones? 

People have different preferences on what kind of trees they like. Some like the real ones because of the smell or because of the time they get to spend with family while picking one out. Some like the artificial ones because they are easier to take care of and because they are less of a hassle. Either way, they both look beautiful and have a special meaning with every family. 

To get a real Christmas tree, families go to a tree farm and pick out the perfect tree for them. Some are taller and some are shorter. Some are wide and some are skinny. “We always have to make sure our tree is shorter than the ceiling, but we still like the tree to be big. So, we usually pick out the short, wide ones. Those are the perfect size,” says sophomore Manda Ingle. Every year, together their family goes to pick out the perfect tree for them. 

Conversely, artificial trees can be used over and over again for years. They come in all sorts of colors and heights. A lot of them come with lights already on them. “I have a fake tree, and I think they are just as pretty as real ones. My family has a big, green tree in the living room, but I have a small white one in my bedroom,” exclaims sophomore Maya Ballinger. Her family doesn’t have to go out and pick a new tree every year, because they can use the same tree every year. 

All families have different traditions, and each one is unique and special. Picking out a real tree creates a great time to spend with family members, but they can be difficult to take care of, so fake trees are the perfect alternative. Even if families don’t get the time together picking out a tree, they can sure spend time together decorating it!