Pupils And Their Pets

Pupils And Their Pets

Ava Decker, Staff Writer

How well do people actually know one another?

There are so many pupils that don’t know about their fellow high school students. People don’t know who their pupils are, don’t know what kind of pets they have, so here’s a look.

Pets come from so many places all around the world. Pets play a special role in people’s lives. Pets become a part of the family, they are another sibling or child, they aren’t just animals. Some people don’t just want a cat or a dog, their desire is for more… Some say extravagant. Where as other still love a good ole’ cat or dog. Their personality shines behind their pet and what kind they are.

Sophomore Maria Salazar had a blue and yellow Cockatiel. His name was Renaldo. He grew to the age of 5 before it passed away a few years ago. He was a gift to Salazar from her moms’ friend. She says, “He was like my best friend.” These Cockatiel weren’t like just any blue and yellow ordinary bird, “He could flip backwards off of his wooden swing in his cage.” Salazar really loved her pet.

Senior Hilda-Blessing Kale has a nine month old American shorthair bicolor cat. Kale says, “she was sassy as a kitten so I just decided to go with that.” Her cat isn’t like any ordinary cat. Sassy can jump really high and keep eye contact for a long time. Cats are like people in the sense that they have interesting trade about themselves too. Cats along with other pets have many talents sometimes going unnoticeable. This cat inpertivular has some amazing traits that her owner Kale loves. Kale say, “her feet are so cute, they look like boots.

Everyone has something about them, everyone has a “Thing” they have their little niche. Everyone wants to shine in their own way, everyone is unique. Pets and their characteristics are a great way to see classmates’ character traits shine as well. Getting to know fellow pupils is a very special thing and important.