EHS Football: Back On Top

Lions Compete For State Title Oct. 30


Nathan Munson, Writer

Fluke? Or, fantastic football?

Elkhart’s Varsity football team is undeniably a power house this season, going 7-0 and being ranked 8th in the state for 6A schools on Maxprep.  But, is it because of COVID-19 sidelining some of its opponents? Or, is the due to the merging of two former cross-town rivals?

Last season, Memorial had a 3-7 record. Central went 9-3.  Neither team walked away without multiple losses. But, that was then, and this is now. Could this possibly be the start of a new era?

Kamdyn Willams, a freshman EHS football player, has this to offer: “We are doing good because of all the talent on the team and because of all the coaches.” But, does he think that this is an anomaly, or does he think this is going to wave of the future? “This is not a one-year thing,” he assures fans. “With the talent in this area, we will do good!”

Williams points to the depth of talent. “The Freshman and the JV both are also having great year, not just Varsity.” Thus, despite the fact that there are 35 seniors who are graduating out—all of them playing for the Varsity team—Williams believes that there is enough talent to fill those vacancies.

So, what’s this team’s winning strategy? Tough practices. Although Williams would not divulge any team secrets, he did say that all teams are playing under the same conditions. All have to deal with the COVID situation. “They’re not at a loss for players,” he said of their opponents. “They’re just not as prepared to win!”

For those who are not yet convinced that Elkhart is back on top, only time will reveal that answer. Until then, the team will take it one game at a time. Next up is on Oct. 30, when the 7-0 Lions take on the 4-5 Portage Indians in the State Tournament down in Indianapolis.