Striking It Big With Bowling Scholarships


Kyla Albright, Staff Writer

For years, bowling has been an unrecognized sport–specifically girls’ bowling. 

Some may argue that bowling isn’t physically challenging. Others just simply insist it isn’t a sport. Regardless, there are plenty of opportunities to strike it big with some college scholarship money for those who do choose to compete. Unfortunately, a large portion of that money is going unused. “There just aren’t a lot of girls in the sport,” explains Michael Albright, Elkhart High School’s girls’ bowling coach.

In order to prevent this money from continuously going to waste,  Albright contends that greater attention needs to be brought to girls bowling and the opportunities available with it. 

“There are lots of tournaments available, especially during the summer,” Albright notes. “There are some every week in the summer within a few hours from Elkhart.” All too often, though, girls don’t know about these opportunities. “Scholarship money is available to win at most of the tournaments,” Albright stresses.

So, what kind of money is Albright talking about? “I don’t know how much money goes to waste exactly, but it’s a lot–thousands at least!” Next question: What happens to all that money that isn’t being used? “All the money goes towards something else, I assume!” Albright exclaims. “It’s either given to someone else or it is held off for later,” he further surmises. Money that will be held off until the following year can add up quickly. Soon, colleges have substantial amounts of money to give out but not a lot of people to give it to. 

Every year, more and more money goes into the gutter. Maybe someday, more girls will pick up this game and pick up on this spare cash.