Winter Weather Can’t Stop The Boys Of Summer

EHS baseball team hopes to claim a 4-4 record after Saturday’s game against NorthWood.


Nathan Munson, Writer-East

COVID may have thrown a curveball at Elkhart’s baseball program, but its players refuse to let it bench them for another season.

In fact, Elkhart High School has come out swinging after a year-long delay in game. The team started off 3-1 and then sadly lost three in a row. The most recent being Wednesday’s loss to Penn 11-0. However, the snowy weather thrown at these boys of summer didn’t help any.

Sophomore Sam Russo, starting pitcher for Varsity, has faith in their potential as a team. “The talent and chemistry is there,” he insists. Now, it’s just a matter of putting the runs on the board.

“We have a great team,” Russo insists. “It’s just the fact that we have errors every now and then.” As head coach Scott Rost might remind them, sometimes it’s the team with the fewest errors that wins the game. “If we can fix those errors,” Russo notes, “we could be the best team in the NIC”—something neither the Central nor the Memorial team could say in the 2018-19 season.

Central went 7-7, while Memorial went 11-15. With both these teams now combined, hopefully EHS can fill in the gaps that prevented them from moving up the ranks previously. As of now, it wouldn’t be outrageous to say they have a good chance in the playoffs to make it deep. For now, though, the team is focused on their next game—and, hopefully, their next win.

Next up will be a 11 a.m. home game Saturday against NorthWood.