Six songs to get you through the quarantine

Jenaro DelPrete curates the playlist of the trying times of isolation.


Jahlea Douglas

Senior Jenaro Delprete is a second year staff writer for GENESIS who specializes in music and movie reviews.

Jenaro DelPrete, Staff Writer/Social Media Manager

In these trying times, I’d like to present to everyone a few reasons to wake up and be pumped up. We are all doing our part and staying home, but that doesn’t mean those Friday nights out on the town can’t come right into your living room. We will all get through these tough times with some good bops, fire jams, and chill out vibes at our disposal.


Here are six songs to get you through the quarantine.


#1: “In Your Eyes” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd recently released his album titled “After Hours.” While this record is quite somber and tear jerking, I believe the 80’s dance synths and intense vocals get me going. I’ve already caught myself dusting off the old sweatbands and neon just to get the throwback feeling I’ve been craving after watching every single John Hughes movie. I highly recommend this whole album, but this song sticks out as a gem. 


#2: “Kids In The Street” by The All American Rejects 

Now this song is something else. Released in 2012, these pop punk kids made a song that perfectly encapsulates the longing to return to simpler times – wanting to be those delinquent kids running around town in the middle of the night again. As someone who loves every second I spend getting into trouble with my friends, I have this song on repeat as I remember all those times throughout my high school tenure. 


#3: “680 South” by The Story So Far

I know what you’re thinking; this guy again with the 2010 pop punk? I am aware, this is old news in a genre that not everyone particularly loves. But I stand by this song. 680 South brings out my teenage angst even more now in a world where my expression has been bogged down to Twitter posts and texting my friends late at night. If you’ve been nothing but upset since school closed down and you’ve been stuck in isolation for the betterment of society, this is the song for you. Aggressive, angsty, upbeat, and full of the much needed expression you’ve been lacking lately. 


#4: “Red Roses” by Lil Skies feat. Landon Cube

I love me some new school rap, I won’t lie about it. Lil Skies as an artist has always given me some of the best car jams for my long term road trips with all my buddies. This song is fun and perfect for your solo bedroom parties. As teenagers, our cast of characters thrive behind the music of our generation, which just so happens to be trap influenced rap. Rally behind this song and unite yourselves to get through the tough, generation defining moment. 


#5: “Fine, Great” by Modern Baseball

Let’s say you’re feeling a little sad about this moment in our lives. You’re separated from your friends and teachers and all the people you fill your lives with. This track by Modern Baseball will feel your pain with you. A song about hating worrying about the future but always remembering the past will give you chills, but hold you close. If you need this time to feel a little down in the dumps, fortunately we have you in this song. 


#6: UCLA by RL Grimes and 24hrs

Here it is folks, your song to give you hope. It is super popular on Tik Tok, so I know I’m not being original, but for me, as a senior looking forward to college, this song amps me up for all the long nights at football games and campus events. In high school, this song gives me the ultimate feel good vibes with my friends, who I miss very very dearly.

Party hard (by yourself of course) and live free Chargers!

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