Athlete of the week, Lineman, Jaylen Holmes


Photo provided by Jaylen Holmes

Junior Jaylen Holmes plays defense against Concord on August 30, at Concord’s home field.

Felisha Campanello, News Editor

Our Athlete of the Week, Senior Jaylen Holmes, gives GENESIS the “inside scoop”, on how our Elkhart Lions are preparing for their first season as ONE.

GENESIS: With football season coming up, how are you and the Elkhart Lions mentally and physically preparing for the season?  

JAYLEN HOLMES: We have weekly Zoom meetings to talk about gameplans for the upcoming season and for when practices officially start. Our coaches have also given us workouts to complete at home to keep us in shape. We are all working out as much as we can at home with whatever equipment is available to us. We’re also going into the season not underestimating anyone on our schedule. I believe if each of us works our hardest individually, we can bring our best to the team and give the team a greater chance to push through the season with a winning record. 

G: This is our first year of combined sports, what do you see in the future for Elkhart Football?

JH: The beginning of a new era in Elkhart Football, an era of DOMINANCE! With this merger, it has given us a newfound sense of pride for an “All for one and one for all” united Elkhart High School football team! Sure, there will be some challenges with the changes, however; my teammates and I are just the right groups of guys at the right time to make history with our commitment, loyalty, skill, sportsmanship, and eagerness to learn. I believe Elkhart High’s first Lions football team can be the glue that brings the city together as a whole.

Junior Jaylen Holmes plays defense against Concord on August 30 at Concord’s home field. (Photo Courtesy of Susan Kay Photography)

G: Due to COVID-19, ISHAA isn’t allowing official sports to start until July 1. What are you doing in your free time until then to be prepared for this season?

JH: First, we all have to remain eligible, so we’ve got to maintain our grades and finish strong. I’ll admit, I’ve been trying to adhere to a study schedule, and although it’s been a little tough to self-discipline, I have to reach into my athletic bag of tricks and dig a little deeper and push a little harder to get things done. I’m doing the same with instituting my own home workouts. As a team, we need to make sure to keep our minds and bodies right for the season.   

Junior Jaylen Holmes receives a call from his coach during the Mangy game on August 23 at Rice Field. (Photo Courtesy of Susan Kay Photography)

G: This will be your last year and first year as an Elkhart Lion, what are you most excited about this season?

JH: I am most excited to see how much the players from both schools come in and compete against one another in practice and then show the unity on the field during game time. The more we push each other individually, the better we’ll be as one unit. I’m glad to be such a big part of history in the making as a senior this year and I’m excited for what my college future holds.