The drags of social distancing


Jahlea Douglas

Junior Jose McDaniel is a first year staff writer for Elkhart Memorial GENESIS. He specializes in opinion columns

Jose McDaniel, Staff Writer

Social distancing doesn’t sound fun, and isn’t fun. But in the state that the world is in, sadly, we must practice it. Social distancing is a practice that sounds exactly like what it is, in short it’s keeping one’s social activities to a minimum.

This is something that is normally practiced in order to stop the spread of a virus or contagious disease, which is something that is ruining our world as we speak.

How would you properly do this? Well for starters STAY AT HOME, but if you can’t, then try keeping yourself at least six feet away from others and do not attempt any mass gatherings.

Social distancing is already bad enough, but it’s something that also forces us to close down workplaces, public schools, and public events that some could not wait to attend. With all of this, people are losing their jobs, not able to get their education in a way that would best suit them, or missing out on memories that they could make.

The people who are being impacted the most by social distancing in our school are the seniors. They are missing out on all of the activities that make their senior year their most memorable, and they may even miss out on their LAST prom.

Another group of people social distancing may significantly impact are those who need to be social in order to maintain their mental health. Being away from others could cause them to become more despondent, and make them just more unhappy in general. And there isn’t much for them to do because well, we need to distance ourselves from others.

All of these together make social distancing sound like a complete drag, but again it’s something that we must do as a society in order to take control of this virus that took control over our lives.

While this may sound like a life sucker, which it is, we should still try to continue our normal routines (at home) in order to not fall out of it.

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