Dylan Allison: Athlete of the Week


Jahlea Douglas

Junior Dylan Allison cheers on the Crimson Charger boys basketball team on Friday, Dec. 6.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

Meet junior Dylan Allison. Transfering from Mishawaka High School, Allison is cheering on the junior varsity sidelines this basketball season.

GENESIS: What was it like for you coming to a new school?

DYLAN ALLISON: Coming to a new school honestly was a big switch for me and it took a lot of thought and getting used to. Having to leave my friends and what I accomplished at Mishawaka and starting fresh was the worst part because I became just another student once again.

G: How were you able to navigate your way through the new environment and the new people?

DA: I have moved often in the past, so navigating my way through new schools has become like a sixth sense in a way and it just gets easier every time. Navigating through the new people though is always harder because they don’t always consider others or they may not even pay attention to their surroundings, but I choose to be patient and when facing adversity I follow my favorite quote. “Just keep swimming.” – Dory

G:  Is there anyone at Memorial who you feel has been a great addition to your life? Tell me about it.

DA: Coach Courtney Kipker has played a big part in my life since I moved. I contacted her during the summer to see if I could try out for the team, but I was just a bit late and I had to wait until winter tryouts. I’m glad I couldn’t try out because I’ve realized that I wasn’t ready at the time. She was very generous allowing me to go to practices, games, and even some other events with the team. It really cleared things up for me and got me ready for the upcoming tryouts.

G: How is your experience here in comparison to your experience at Mishawaka? 

DA: Mishawaka was wonderful and so were most of the people, but here it just seems easier to go along with my life and live it how I want to live it.

G:  Do you feel like you fit in more because of cheer?

DA: No, I don’t. I feel like it makes me stand out. If I wanted to fit in, I would have tried football, basketball, or even wrestling. Fitting in is boring and you don’t get anywhere playing it safe or being like others.

G: What makes you an asset to the cheer team?

DA: I feel that I bring in the opportunity to show more people that cheerleading is fun and a great way to spend one’s time if you put in the effort to love it.

G: Anything else you would like us to know about you?

DA: Well, this is the third sport I have ever been in. First, it was soccer, then swimming, and now cheerleading. I have moved around so many times that it is hard to be a student-athlete, but I find ways to do what I love. I like volunteering when I am able to. The thing I enjoy most is making friends and spending my free time with them.