Saving the Earth has become a trend

But…will millennials be able to turn it all around?


Jahlea Douglas

Junior Daniela Morales is a first year staff writer for Elkhart Memorial GENESIS.

Daniela Morales, Staff Writer

For the past few centuries Earth has been sitting on thin ice. From glaciers melting to extreme weather, Earth has been telling us that she is reaching her breaking point.

Will we as humans, whether it be old or new generations to come, change the course of what looks to be the beginning of a catastrophic ending? Will Millennials be able to turn it all around with sayings like “Save The Turtles” which led to people only using metal straws? Will all this somehow encourage people to make a change?

One can’t deny that advancements have been made to support the health of our planet. Still though, why have movements such as making green buildings or using renewable energy not been enough? 

There are many answers to this question. One such answer is that as humans being we are naturally accustomed to our way of living without the worries of leaving our footprint on Earth. For some, this includes an overall oblivion for the importance in changing their ways of living to something more eco-friendly. 

The truth is, going green or adopting waste-free habits can be costly. Eco-friendly products are not in demand as much as traditional products; therefore, making them more expensive. Naturally, as humans we are going to go with more traditional products which we are more accustomed to using and that are cheaper, rather than buying an eco-friendly product that is more expensive. 

So when a system works like this, it makes it harder to change one’s way of living because one might not be privileged enough to change their way of living. 

Eco-friendly products aren’t in demand yet, but recently a rise of minimalistic living and environmentalism has made a great difference in how we can save our Earth. 

Believe it or not, anything eco-friendly is a trend with millenials. From thrifted clothing, anything upcycled, to tiny homes, we can definitely see that millenials are moving in a positive direction for our planet. 

Positive changes and habits like these can cause a seismic shift, leading future generations to adopt these habits as well. 

In reality, millennials aren’t the only ones that are making change, or supposed to make change. As humans we need to come together to change the course of the Earth’s future. If we do not, future generations and many more to come will be left with our mistakes. 

Something needs to be done whether it be making eco-friendly products more cost effective or living in tiny homes. Little changes made by everyone will allow our Earth to continue to strive for future generations, leading the way for many more great lives. If we don’t change, everything as we know it will become history.  

The views in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of the GENESIS staff. Email Daniela Morales at [email protected]