Mixing It Up In Sports

Fowling. Axe Throwing. Quidditch


Lourdes Alfaro, Writer

There’s a million mixtures of ice cream, like Neapolitan. Ever tried it? Not that adventurous? What about a Wendy’s Frosty combined with their fries, using the fries as a spoon? Everyone who loves mixing their foods has been talking about that one.

But, what about the sporting world? Has the sporting world bitten off more than it can chew by mixing various sports together? Or, is this exactly what Americans are hungry for?

Ever heard of Fowling? This up and coming sport is basically a mixture of Bowling and Football, played on a modified corn-hole board. Anyone interested in trying this out may have to go to Indy or Grand Rapids, but it’s definitely worth it. Throwing a football to the target of bowling pins on the corn-hole board is the name of the game, with the goal of trying to knock down as many pins as possible. First team to get all the pins down wins. Not great at football or bowling? No matter. This game is fun for amateurs.

While there—or even in South Bend—try your hand at a nearby Axe Throwing facility. Yes, real axes—with sharp blades and everything. Don’t worry, though, it quite safe. The goal here is to first get an axe to stick into the wooden target—much like throwing darts. The closer to the bullseye wins. Again, it doesn’t take great athletic ability, just a little coordination to bring out the inner lumberjack.

One other uncommon sport is Muggle Quidditch. This sport is created through the Harry Potter movies. Believe it or not, this is actually played using broomsticks—but, sadly, without the flying capabilities. It was first played in 2005 in the U.S. and features a combination of three sports: Rugby, Handball, and Dodgeball. Players pass the object known as the “quaffle”  around until the opponent can make it through the hoop. However, there is one teammate who does not have to follow the rules: the “snitch runner.” Many people may think that Quidditch is a quirky sport, but Kayle Carlson, 12, thinks otherwise. “I think it sounds very interesting, and I would like to play it one day!”

There are many sports out there that don’t get the attention that football, basketball, baseball, and others such as those get. But, that doesn’t mean that they are any less worthy. Thus, if looking for a pick-up game in the future, try picking up an axe or a broomstick and get swinging.