Weather Give Ski Club The Cold Shoulder


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

Picture it: the cold snow making a crashing noise as the board hits the ground at a fast pace. Heavy breathing begins to take place as the board’s speed accelerates. Although it may seem frightening, it’s the rush that gets Central’s Ski club going.

Snow, everyone can agree, doesn’t leave much for people to do. Instead of stuffing their faces or sleeping in, this band of snow-sport lovers take their adrenaline for the ride of their life. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, Swiss Valley has it all. Despite this, the weather can prove to be one unpredictable mistress. Issac Mills, 10, comments on the start of his season: “So far, this season hasn’t been that great. We never really do have a good season, though,” he admits. However, that doesn’t seem to stop him. “I keep doing it, though, because of how fun it is.” This season, already, one of the days reserved for this club proved to be a bust due to the weather. The club, however, hopes for a better finish to the season, despite this rocky start.

Although the club is referred to as a “ski” club, many of its members prefer to snowboard. When skiing, one is required to use one foot at a time, almost as if skating—whereas, snowboarding is “inspired” and much like surfing. Mills has been an avid snowboarder for the past four years, describing it as “a little harder, but worth it.” He goes on to confess, “I’ve never really had an interest in skiing, so I never tried it.”  With this being said, Mills is very fond of the blustery weather and rush that comes with the sport, concluding by saying, “I enjoy ski club because I get to hang with my friends and do cool tricks on my board.”

Off to a rocky start, the club can only hope for better days ahead. Hopefully, these club members don’t have a complete wipeout this season!