Too Early for Christmas

When is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?

Angel Moore, Staff Writer

Why do people have their Christmas trees up before Thanksgiving? In my opinion I feel like it’s too early to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Everyone might be in the spirit, but we have not even had our Thanksgiving turkey yet. Do not put your lights and trees up or your decorations. There are just too many people out there whose “Christmas” begins in early or mid- November. Tradition does dictate that putting up Christmas decorations, including the tree, should wait until the beginning of the Advent. However, Advent started on Sunday, November 29, the Sunday after Thanksgiving…as it does every year.

Tell me why I went to Golden Corral at the beginning of November and as soon as I went inside the building it was nothing but Christmas decorations, ornaments, and a big Christmas tree. It was only November 8th!  When I walked into my jewelry class on November 12th there was a red colorful tree by the door. This is too much.

We can all agree that 2020 has been a tough year, so if you are looking to inject a bit of joy into your life right now, allow us to make the case for doing something other than setting up your Christmas tree and lights as soon as possible. Maybe decorate for autumn or Thanksgiving. Celebrating something might make you happier. But Christmas can wait.

Some people are just ready for the Christmas season and getting into the spirit early and they can’t wait for Christmas. We all have our different ways of celebrating and our own traditions. There is nothing wrong with that.

Still, it’s not Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

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