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Take A Break TikTok


TikTok is all the talk nowadays. What new trends are going viral? Any new dances? Adolescents worldwide are using this social media platform around the clock. Creators can produce multiple videos for followers and friends to both view and comment on. One may get wrapped up in TikTok videos and spend hours on end watching them. Whether these videos are comical, beauty related, or music related, sometimes its content can turn negative rapidly.

Creators on TikTok have the freedom to create any type of video they’d like. These videos can lead viewers to dark places with the swipe of a finger. Junior Dakota Simpson notes that “videos people make can start rumors and affect one’s mental health through their opinions–especially if it grows a big audience.” She continues: “The teen who is receiving negative comments due to these videos can have negative feelings towards it and cause them to be distressed.” TikTok creators post negative content, knowing it can lead to a negative mindset and impact someone’s mental well-being. 

Teens can start to feel insecure or inadequate when they see others sharing their seemingly perfect lives online. Those videos are usually edited to seem that way, and that can make others feel terrible. Junior Alison Alarcon-Santillan explains. “TikTok can become harmful because it normalizes sadness and other negative emotions. Most teens are impressionable and when others share their struggles,” she adds, “it may cause certain individuals who have experienced similar things to react the same way as someone on TikTok.” Some teens actually find comfort in their sadness because others can relate to their experiences, and that can make the situation deepen. Mean comments and cyber bullying is a huge problem on social media, which can lead to teens having low self-esteem. 

Admittedly, TikTok has both its positive and negative impacts on the users of its platform, but there are a few alternatives one can focus on to avoid the negative effects. Social media users should focus on doing activities outside of social media. Create a routine, go on a walk, and find some new hobbies that could help cope with mental health. Journaling can also improve mental health, allowing one to put his or her emotions and thoughts on paper. Ms. Kenya Kidder, a social worker, says that most social media platforms can be supportive of mental health if used responsibly and in moderation. 

Setting limits with TikTok and other social media platforms can help one avoid negativity. Following accounts that are positive and share one’s interests are highly encouraged–and so are taking breaks from social media if necessary. 

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Destinee Middleton
Destinee Middleton, Video Editor
Hi, I’m Destinee Middleton, and I am a junior at Elkhart High School! I like photography--and any other forms of art. This is my second year being a part of The PENNANT. This class has been more than amazing. The publication staff is fun, and the writing helps to express many opinions with others (as many may share the same) and to also share other types of information. I’m hoping to further my photography skills and friendships through The PENNANT. This class is full of geniuses, and I cannot wait to grow with them!

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    Natalia ContrerasJan 31, 2024 at 2:04 pm

    Yes I agree a lot with this passage. I feel like social media is bad for people but could also help in moderation.