Musician of the Week: Megan Rodman

Discover Megan’s passion for music and theatre.


Dana Ibarra, News Editor

Senior Megan Rodman is one of the many talented and hard working musicians here at Elkhart High School West. Our choir and theater programs are not like they have been in previous years due to the pandemic, but that won’t stop her creativity, nor persistence, with performing.

PENNANT/GENESIS:It’s clear that music has made a big impact on your life, can you tell me what sparked it?

MEGAN RODMAN: I’ve always loved music, but what truly sparked my interest was seeing other choirs perform.    

PG: What was the first show you performed? 

MR: I first performed in The Crucible my Sophomore year. 

PG: After the many hard working years of choir, is there a memorable moment that you’d like to share?

MR: In the 8th grade I got my first solo to perform at our spring concert.

PG: This year is not like any other, can you tell me how you are accommodating to this new COVID environment in theater and choir?

MR: With choir we sit 6ft away from others and wear a mask while singing. Also because concerts are a thing of the past we have to pre record and show friends and family that way. With theater though we still must be 6ft apart and wear our masks but we will still be having a performance.    

PG: Outside of choir and theater, what do you do in your free time?

MR: I hang out with my friends and I work at Culver’s.

PG:The ability to sing and act doesn’t come overnight, can you tell me about your progression throughout the years?

MR: I used to sing through my nose and never thought about acting. I’ve learned and grown with choir, had many solos and changed my voice placement. With theater I was always in the background until All Shook Up when I was a core dancer and an understudy. I’ve learned to project my voice and sing like no one’s listening.

PG: Do you have any advice to underclassmen interested in theater/choir?

MR: If you truly love to sing, dance, and go out of your comfort zone you should join either theater or choir, or both. At first it may seem scary and intimidating but when you talk with the other students you’ll realize that it’s a good environment.