Cats Can Be Therapeutic

Struggling during the pandemic? A cat may help.


Mia Alvarez, Staff Writer

Have you ever considered getting a cat? Owning a cat may have more benefits than you think. There are many studies showing how cats benefit your well being. Here are a few

Cats help you sleep better

According to the study, “Are Pets Disturbing Your Sleep?”conducted at the Center for Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, 41% of the people surveyed in that study indicated that they slept better because of their pet, while only twenty percent said that it led to disturbances.

The study also shows that 65% of owners sleep with their cat, suggesting people sleep easier with their cat. This is possibly due to their calming purrs and  furry warm bodies.

Cats help reduce mental illness

These studies show the effectiveness in reducing mental illness with just owning a cat.

In the U.S., more than 70% of 31,000 pet owners surveyed, said their cats help them reduce stress. The human-animal bond created by pet ownership can help improve their physical or mental health.

81% of pet owners surveyed believe that cats reduce depression and 84% believe that cats reduce anxiety,  while 80% of pet owners felt that cats increase an overall sense of well-being.

Others were aware that cats help with conditions like PTSD in war veterans.

Cats understand how you feel

Research from Oakland University, in Rochester, Michigan, found that cat’s behavior is different from when their owner is smiling to when they are  frowning.

Additionally, another study, called “Cats to Perceive Human Emotional Expressions,” found that after time cats can read and understand human facial expressions.

When a cat senses that you are unhappy they will try and comfort you by purring, curling their tail around you, kneading on or around you, and laying on you.

In conclusion, getting a cat can be very helpful and beneficial to you. With this pandemic, a cat can get you through your lonely and upsetting days, and then get you through your restless night by helping you sleep.