“YOU” Ruined My Life

Kailey Blazier shares why she has a love-hate relationship with the Netflix’s series, “YOU.”


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A stalker like man, creepy in every way, like Joe Goldberg from “YOU.”

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

***Spoiler Alert***

You! No, not you, “YOU.” In 2018, Lifetime put out a show that would unknowingly change the way that I viewed TV. Like all good shows, it landed a spot on Netflix which made it even easier for me to binge-watch it in my pajamas. 

This show, which focuses on a 20-something-year-old male, named Joe, who owns a small bookshop in a small town is like a snowball… it starts out small and then ends up huge! 

I started watching this show just like everyone else, skeptical about whether it would be a new binge watch or just another waste of my time. I very quickly realized that I was absolutely in love with it. 

Something about the psychological aspect of their first encounter that was shown through Joe’s narration just drew me in and made me love it. I instantly knew that this awkwardly good looking guy was going to get the pretty girl. 

Everything was great throughout the whole show: the drama, the manipulation, the attempted murder… everything. Until some brainiac decided that Joe was going to kill Beck. 

Like really? You messed your life up so bad that now you have to kill the only person that liked you. 

And then boom… Candace is back. With the whole, you thought I was dead, what now? Joe really starts to realize that his whole entire world is messed up and then the season ends. Great. 

So here I am, waiting months and months for season two to come out and on December 26, 2019, my life was complete again. I forced myself to only watch one episode a day so that I didn’t ruin it for myself again.

We instantly see that Joe has his eye on a new girl and we ALL feel bad for her. At this point, Joe isn’t the best person in the world, yet somehow we’re all hoping that things end up okay for him. 

He already has a new apartment that coincidentally looks over her house, a new job that she coincidentally works at (not to mention her family owns), and a new hobby… stalking her. 

But then she notices him and just like with Beck, she falls hard. Come on Joe… maybe let’s let this one live?

Life is fine, their family is crazy just like everyone else’s and then boom. There’s an issue. His tenant catches on to the fact that he killed someone famous. And just like when Beck found out about his killing spree, her days were numbered. 

This is where I thought that they were going to lose me. I mean, really? Again with the secret glass bookshelf thingy? Be original for crying out loud. 

He always “didn’t want” to kill the people that he killed… it just happened that way. 

And just like everyone knows, your exes always come back to haunt you! This rang so true when Joe’s ex-girlfriend (that he tried to murder) snitches on him to his new Love! (See what I did there.) 

This is where things get juicy! Because what does Love do? SHE KILLS HIS CRAZY EX!!! 

At this point, I was pinching myself because there is no way that someone actually in the right mindset wrote this. Either I’m sleeping or the writers need a psych eval. 

Joe ends up acting like the crime that Love committed was this huge thing that he’s never done before and brings out her true crazy.

Why does she defend him again? Oh yeah, SHE’S PREGNANT! Great! Now they can have a psycho baby too!! 

In my professional opinion, the writers tried way too hard to make this thing interesting in the second season. It’s like they’re trying to finish this season big but still leave enough to make another season. 

But, nonetheless, I love this show so much and all the drama and crazy that is behind it. I give this show an 8.473 out of 10 Greenfield’s. 

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