“The Vampire Diaries”: Is fantasy and drama a compact duo or a confusing disaster?


Ashwin Elangovan

With an enticing storyline and in depth character development, “The Vampire Diaries” is a must see for those who enjoy drama and fantasy. No modifications made, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.en,

SaraJade Potts, Staff Writer

“The Vampire Diaries” is a drama, fantasy television series directed by Chris Grismer, John Dahl, John Behring, J. Miller Tobin, and many others in later seasons. It hit the CW Network on Sept. 10, 2009.

Based off the book series written by L.J. Stine, the first season of “The Vampire Diaries” surrounds the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) who lost her parents in a car accident. Elena has two best friends Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) who encounter some mysterious supernatural events that change their lives forever.

One of the biggest plotlines revolves around Elena meeting “the love of her life” Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his “bad boy” brother Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Stefan is oddly attracted to Elena due to her doppelgänger appearances to his ex, Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev). Katherine had the Salvatore brothers wrapped around her finger. Elena, on the other hand, has a hard time deciding if Stefan is the one for her. In fact, it is Damon who she deeply desires.

The duo brothers continuously save Elena’s life throughout season one which influences other supernatural beings (Katherine’s Minions) to travel to their hometown, Mystic Falls. Mystic Falls is known for its mystical occurrences, but are they ready for the doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert, and the powerful love the Salvatore brothers have for her? 

Because it is based on a book series, one would assume that this would make the show predictable, but in reality, this show is always surprising viewers. Especially in season one. Yes, the writers have to stick to the original storyline for most of season one to establish the story, but the last four episodes is where the establishment turns into a new form. 

The unpredictable storyline, wonderful character development, and the inclusion of Greek Mythology, Latin, and Native American Tribal information makes “The Vampire Diaries” entertaining for any viewer. 

This is a different show than most of the other supernatural shows that were on at the time. Including “Teen Wolf”, “Supernatural”, and the movie franchise “Twilight.”

The mythology included in “The Vampire Diaries” is magnificent. All supernatural shows include background knowledge and facts related to historical events or discoveries. Without it, the show contains no substance to real sci/fi events and the story gets thrown out the window.

The supernatural shows and movies I listed before have this substance, with adjustments, but they don’t create their own type of reality while including Greek Mythology, Indian and Native American tribal history, Latin history, and world history.

When “The Vampire Diaries” was first released, drama, fantasy lovers already had their doubts due to the many other television hits that are vampire, wolf, witch, and romance related. The thing that factored out “The Vampire Diaries” from other shows is the way the writers made their own world and story development while using factual evidence. Also, these other shows stick to script (the facts), but don’t include a different scenario. They seem to be successful because they “started” the trend and genre. 

With this in mind, I would recommend watching this show when you have some free time. It gets addicting due to the many plots and how relatable the characters are.

Not only that, but the main character, Elena, expresses what it is like to lose someone close to her and how a person can even lose themself in the process. This intimate theme development, draws viewers in and makes the characters relatable.

The character development is stable and shocking. There’s over 50 characters (including main and supporting characters) that equally have a background and are important to the story.  A number of the supporting characters have conflicts of their own, so this connects viewers with the reality of life while entertaining them with a little bit of romance between characters mixed in with the fantasy angle. 

I give “The Vampire Diaries” 10 out of 10 stars due to its enticing storyline, in depth character development, and the intelligent and unique way it includes Greek Mythology, Latin, and Native American Tribal history.

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