Get A Real ID…or Else


Sherri Greenfield-Ludwig

This flyer was mailed to many Elkhart residents in January.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

Did you know that your ID may not be real? I know what you’re thinking, what are you talking about? You did the same thing everyone else did by going to the BMV and getting your license.

But, starting Oct. 1, 2020 anyone who does not have a gold star on the top right of their license will not be permitted to board planes or to enter federal facilities without other acceptable forms of identification. 

This addition creates just one more form of security. It has become almost impossible for someone who should not be boarding a plane to do so. 

People are always saying that “times are changing,” and this requires security to get tighter for our safety.

These forms include passports, permanent resident cards, federally recognized tribal-issued photo ID, etc.

In order to get a real ID, you must present the BMV with the following documents: one proof of identity, one proof of lawful status, one proof of social security, and two proofs of Indiana residency.

Indiana has also introduced a new look for licenses and identification cards. This look has made it harder for people to create fake IDs. 

The new designs will have more safety features, including a see-through image that changes colors at certain angles, more images that can be seen under UV lights, and a laser-engraved image of the cardholder.

While you must obtain a license with the real ID star by October of 2020, there is no deadline for getting your newly designed license. You can simply get it when your current license expires.