Shoulda put a “Ring” on spooky movie day 10


Samara Morgan from “The Ring.” Photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

Any time that I hear a joke made about a movie, I just assume it’s because the movie is bad. With a plethora of jokes surrounding “The Ring,” previous to watching it, I just assumed it was a flick worth skipping.

“The Ring” is a movie about a videotape in which people would watch, and then seven days later they would mysteriously be dead. The main character, Rachel, played by Naomi Watts, sets out to uncover the truth behind this videotape, which included watching it herself.

Through a week full of intruding on property, watching the film multiple times, and taking trips to a psychiatric hospital, Rachel was able to figure out why the tape had the effect it did.

The way in which the plot was introduced was a bit hairy; it was unclear whether the curse was real or if the movie was about to go in a completely different direction.

Once the first victim died, it was clear how this movie was about to go down. But let me tell you, if you don’t like kids, Aidan, played by David Dorfman, who was Rachel’s son, will only add fuel to that fire.

Aidan somehow knows everything there is to know about the curse and can even communicate with Samara, the demon. Moral of the story: kids are creepy. I mean seriously, just the name Samara in general gives me chills.

While this movie came out in 2002, between the videography and the acting, it is hard to tell that it is that old.

The part that I enjoyed most about this movie was that there was no cheesy “let’s go hide behind the chainsaws, we’ll be safe there.” This movie is stemmed from raw fear and supported by the search for answers.

I am a huge fan of scary movies and although I might be a bit accustomed to the modern movies, “The Ring” stands out to me as one of the greatest films produced in the 2000’s.

The cinematography was amazing and with the acting supports the movie so strongly. In my book, this movie deserves 9/10 creepy haunting videotapes!

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