To be, or not to be…an early bird

Opinion Editor, Kailey Blazier, attempts the 4:30 a.m. wake-up for a week. This is how it went.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

Day One: Day one almost didn’t happen. Sleeping in and waking up at my usual 6:45 time sounded so much better. I read some articles, made my lunch for the day, did a little workout and did some yoga. When I googled “15 minute yoga sessions,” I didn’t notice that there are different types of yoga, so I ended up doing a prenatal one. What a start to my morning!

Day Two: Today felt great! I jumped out of bed with so much energy to take on the day! I had no plans for what I was going to do, but I knew that I was ready to do it! I ended up making my lunch (a salad with Papa Vino’s dressing) and did an ab workout.

Day Three: I did not have as much motivation as the previous day, but I had more than my first day. I got right up and did REGULAR yoga followed by an amazing cuddle session with my bulldog, Andy. Then, I got ready and went to Starbucks. My body was feeling great, but I think that might just have been because of the prenatal yoga from earlier in the week.

Day Four: Somehow I seemed to miss my alarm at 4:30… and 5… but I got 5:30! It became apparent that this was getting harder. I was struggling to get to bed early and it was showing in the morning. After long days, the last thing I wanted to do was cut my social time even shorter. Maybe if I would have went to bed earlier, I would have more success. I simply got ready and went to get coffee on this unusually hard day.

Day Five: Wow! If I thought it was bad of me to wake up at 5:30, I am a terrible person for sleeping in until 6:30! I’m not very good at this whole thing…I also started to feel a little sick on this day.

I make the decision to not follow through with the rest of this challenge. The week following my attempt to complete this challenge, I got really sick and felt even worse than when I woke up early. I definitely deprived my body of sleep and it showed. I failed this challenge hard. But I learned a lot! Next time that I decide to do this, I will need to go to sleep earlier, not do prenatal yoga, and force myself to wake up at a set time!