Stop the decline of American patriotism

Christian Ayers encourages teens to embrace American patriotism to keep hope and liberty burning bright

The United States flag sways in the wind on Thurs. March 12, 2009. Photo courtesy of Joshua Nathanson (Jnn13) Creative Commons. No modifications made.

Christian Ayers, Staff Writer

We Americans are a patriotic group of people, consistently ranking in the top 10 for most patriotic countries world-wide. It is true that we Americans cannot drive more than five minutes without seeing the good ole red, white and blue flying in the wind.

Even so, patriotism in America seems to be on the decline.

The decline seems to be more with the younger generations, as older Americans seem to remain remarkably high in their devotion to symbols like the flag while young citizens are less inclined toward Old Glory but express higher support for classic American ideals such as equality and opportunity.

The decline may also be due to distrust in American government officials who are more concerned about themselves and not the people who elected them, making many of us skeptical of where their trusty and allegiances lie.

But, a few bad politicians on both sides should not make us turn away from the love of our country. America is not a few people–it is 323 million people working together to build a nation of not just dreamers but doers.

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America is the most diverse country on the planet. We are young, we are solving our problems, and we are going to come out stronger than ever. We just have to stick together and fight against oppression and inequalities, that is the American way.

Let us renew our patriotism and love for our country. It is a big confusing place, but there is no where else that I want to be. It is up to all of us to ensure that the American experiment is a success. We will have our trials and tribulations; however, we must keep going and break through the barriers that stand in our way to keep our beacon of liberty and hope alive and burning bright.