Gabes, TJ Maxx, and Ross: What’s the Difference?

Margaret Wiegand prefers TJMaxx, which do you prefer?


Margaret Wiegand

Senior Landon Lee spends a rainy weekend day doing some discount shopping in Mishawaka, IN. With so many options for discount retail, where should we begin?

Margaret Wiegand, Staff Writer

Where do you go to get your cheap designer clothes? Is it Ross? TJ Maxx? Marshalls? And now Gabe’s? I don’t know about you, but I have much confusion as to why Mishawaka has added a new store that resembles others that are very near, even in the same complex.

The questions in my mind don’t stop. I guess I am very curious as to why this is needed. Is it a competition on who can receive the most customers? Not only do these stores sell the same items, they are all sold for a cheaper price than they would be sold for at Target.

I understand that Elkhart does not have a local TJ Maxx or Gabe’s, but they do have a local Ross. What about the shoppers in Mishawaka? They are not that far away. That being said, Mishawaka has a TJ Maxx and a Gabe’s in the same complex and a Ross just a couple miles down the road, if that. Not only that, but a Marshalls within miles and a Burlington down the road.

Sure, it is nice to have a store with items with a cheaper price, but you would think that the stores could be combined into one store and get that much business times five. Since Gabe’s opened a couple months ago, I am sure I am not the only one with this curiosity, especially since TJ Maxx is three stores away.  

After entering Gabe’s for the first time, I felt very overwhelmed. The store is very unorganized and a bit obnoxious if you ask me. TJ Maxx on the other hand, has all of their products organized by brand whether its clothes, shoes, makeup, or home goods. Ross is not far behind TJ Maxx. Not only is Ross put together well, it is also local for people in Elkhart and Mishawaka.

If we are getting to the point here, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross is your best bet when deciding which of the five stores you should enter when purchasing items for a cheaper price.

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