Playing vs. Watching: Which is better?

Staff writer Margaret Wiegand and two varsity athletes weigh in on the debate


Margaret Wiegand, Staff Writer

Do you prefer watching the game or taking part in the game? As an athlete, either way, there are pros and cons depending on the sport.

In my opinion, it is difficult for me to watch volleyball due to the fact that I just want to go out on the court and play the game. That being said, I do enjoy watching the sport, especially professional players, and picking up pointers and increasing my IQ on the sport.

According to Brandon Bailey, varsity senior basketball player, “There’s nothing better than competing on the basketball court. Since I play basketball, I can’t watch a game without trying to critique everything that is happening, so when I watch teams I like, I sometimes get frustrated. But it’s cool to watch what some different players can do.”  

That being said, varsity  soccer player, junior Christian Banuelos said, “For me, I like to be a part of the game because the pros, you get the attention of fans watching you play and yelling your name and you get the excitement and it’s way more fun to play the game then watching the game. Plus, us players don’t need to pay to get into the game. Also, I like to be competitive against the other team.”

Of course with all of the pros, there are cons too. Banuelos also discussed a number of the cons athletes must come to terms with when the choose to be a player rather than a fan.

“The cons are that it stinks that you don’t get to be with your friends laughing and enjoying the game,” Banuelos said. “but at least they come to watch us play. The pros of watching the game is you can be with your friends having fun and doing chants and hype the team up. Not only that, but you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. The cons of watching the game are that you have to pay to watch the game and you don’t get the experience of being in the game.”

Last but not least, it is safe to say that every athlete has their pros and cons of being a part of the game and watching the game. Either way, if you are passionate about the sport, you will find a way to be into the game.

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