Patrick Walton: A Future In Firefighting


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

It is a question every kid is asked in elementary school: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

For some, it’s a policeman or firefighter; for others, it’s a farmer. When finally grown up, though, many switch career paths and opt for something that seems more practical. However, for Senior Patrick Walton, the dream of becoming a firefighter remains as bright as the day he lighted upon the idea.

After high school, Walton plans on becoming a fireman with the Osolo Fire Department. Walton expresses his passion stating, “My plans for the future are to become a firefighter and, hopefully, to also start my own family.” To that, he adds, “My future career is something I look forward to and is one that I am passionate about.” 

Walton credits his teachers and peers for giving him “the best four years anyone could have asked for.” With this being said, Walton—throughout his high school career—was a part of the theater department, being a major presence in many of the plays. From the Mangy games to the school plays, Walton reminisces on these times and promises to cherish each forever. His favorite memory throughout his time as a Blazer was “the first Mangy game [he] saw us win.”

Though his time as a Blazer is almost over, Walton would like to thank his teachers and the staff at Elkhart Central for “making them a memorable four years filled with happiness.” He leaves his final advice for the incoming Freshmen: “Don’t wait until the last minute to turn your work in. It sucks at the end of the semester when you’re working around the clock to try to get your work done!”

However, when all is said and done, Walton’s future burns as bright as the fires he will be putting out in the near future.