SPRING BROKE: Living It Up In Elkhart Over Spring Break


Haidyn Fritz, Writer

Spring Break is a time to relax. School is stressful! That’s just the truth of this world. But, as a high school student, money doesn’t come quite so easily anymore. So, Spring Break for many is mostly spent sitting at home on the couch or maybe at Martin’s while the more fortunate kids go to Cancun. Spring Break just doesn’t hit the same way it used to, when parents got to pay for everything. So, how exactly does one live it up on Spring Break when he or she is Spring Broke?

When looking up “Spring Break Ideas” on Google, one instantly finds those Wow! locations like Punta Cana, or some more accessible places like Cocoa Beach Florida. This is high school: HIGHSCHOOLERS ARE BROKE! Unfortunately, as this is being written, the weather locally doesn’t look so good for Spring Break. But, there are still ways to… copy exotic and fun locations in the comfort of cold Indiana weather! Or, perhaps, find some interesting ways to feel the freedom of Spring Break.


  1. Take a Bath!

No, this isn’t for anyone’s personal hygiene; just take a nice refreshing bath! The first few days of Spring Break can carry the heavy PTSD workload of the school days before. So, the first day or so should be spent relaxing at the beachside… except this is Indiana and it’s super cold. Luckily, with the modern technology or a bathing basin (bathtub) and a cellular device, the splashing waves of Tampa Bay are easily mimic-able! Just fill the tub with a water temperature to one’s preference and search for relaxing wave sounds on YouTube. Bam! Instant spa trip! And, the nice thing about bathtub spas is that things like Epsom salt or bath bombs can make the “ocean” smell like Lavender or Patchouli!

  1. Frolic Amongst the Flowers~

If cheesy Rom-com movies can teach anything, it’s that apparently falling down a hill into a bunch of flowers is “fun” and “doesn’t give you grass stains.” Let’s be real, very few high schoolers take the time to appreciate nature in the modern world. But, surprisingly, nature may have a few, well… surprises. If bored one day and have nothing else to do, take a walk—for like an hour or two. Don’t even think about it; just…walk. If eventually it gets boring, stop thinking too much. That’s the problem. Just go on a mindless trek through the world. But, pay attention to the street; that’s kind of important.

  • Wal-Mart Has a Really Good Deal on Deli Food

Maybe one of the mindless hikes mentioned above leads to a local Wal-Mart (not sponsored). Well, actually, killing time there is actually kind of fun—and a cheap date idea!  But, don’t forget to try some deli food and take a walk around Wal-Mart for another hour or two: Fun. Simple. Kind of boring—but intriguing nonetheless.  Find a few sales, but don’t break the bank like a trip to Cabo.

  1. Conduct a pointless experiment

As high schoolers, most of the things done are kind of pointless in nature. Nonetheless, these pointless things are done because they find them amusing and kind of beautiful in a poetic sense. So, why not make Spring Break interesting? Conduct an experiment on different kinds of apples and how they taste. Fun fact: There are like 7,500 varieties of apples. Eat a few; record the results. Or, maybe try using a conditioner before shampooing for the week. Just do something interesting for once—please?


Are these ideas kind of pointless and dumb? Yes, most definitely. But, if doing nothing else for Spring Break, try one. It’s better than nothing…and maybe the memories will last longer than a tan from Fort Myers Beach!