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The Break-Down Of Makeup


The break-down of makeup: Makeup is becoming the hot-topic of conversation; with endless brands and products, the possibilities are limitless. 

From places as simple and convenient as the drugstore nearby to shopping malls and online sites, makeup is becoming a staple in many lives. The trends surrounding makeup are forever changing, as well–from a specific makeup product that’s been sold out to a change within a makeup routine that everyone is following. Social media has even begun to shine light on cost effective, and equally as effective, products. Labeled dupes, brands such as e.l.f cosmetics, found at local drugstores, had been compared to Charlotte Tilbury, which is only found online or in Sephora, or other alike stores.

Social media influencers have even begun to impact the products used. Tairyn Null, a senior at Elkhart High, describes her own experience with this hold: “I had seen Social Media Alix Earle use a darker shade of concealer from brand Maybelline; I decided to try it and I haven’t turned back since!” Roxana Romo, a senior, includes the new necessity of brow products in the everyday routine that social media has always swayed. “I learned about the nyx brow lift from TikTok, and it’s become something I now use everyday.” Not only does the media have influence on how consumers use products, but the products as a whole. Selena Gomez’s makeup line Rare Beauty has blown up online; it’s a brand Null is “dying to try,” and Romo promotes Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty, with love for the Freestyle highlighter. 

Through all these trends, makeup fans have been able to curate their own perfect routine, with products that work best for them. Senior Chloe Akens notes the necessity of mascara. Null completely agrees and doesn’t go a day without L’Oreal Paris telescopic mascara, while Romo needs the effect of her favorite Fenty highlighter to complete the look. While all seem to use a mix of products to create their desired looks, a staple brand forever remains dear to them. Akens holds love for brand Mary Kay: “It’s the first brand I was ever introduced to, and it just sits so well on the skin.” Akens also includes to mention the complimentary skincare that is mixed into the formula. “Not only is this a makeup brand, but it’s also promoting skincare and healthy skin results!” Null’s favorite brand has to be Maybelline and e.l.f, “Not only are these brands affordable, but they are amazing on the skin!” Null appreciates product quality–and, most importantly—the glow the products provide to her skin. Romo holds a shared love for products by Maybelline and Fenty Beauty. “I was able to learn about these products from advertising and from just generally seeing them in stores, and I eventually just had to try them!”

All three greatly appreciate social media’s role, as well as the influence it’s had on the makeup world. It’s pushed products into the light that otherwise would have never been discovered. Null compliments the “inexpensive, long lasting look” that can so easily be accomplished. With endless products, unlimited restrictions, and the simple discovery of what products work the best for an individual, makeup can be for everyone! 



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Abby Rauguth, Editor-in-Chief and Entertainment Editor
Hi! My name is Abby Rauguth. I am a senior this year, and it will be my third and final year with the school's newsmagazine. I have genuinely loved working in this class for the past years, and I know I will have just as much fun this year! It’s exciting to get to work on new articles, and it’s even better when you get to learn new things throughout the process of writing! This class has taught me so much and has even influenced where I see my future going. I spend a lot of my free time reading and listening to music; some of my favorite artists include Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Listening to music can be so relaxing, and it definitely helps me when writing my articles!

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  • J

    Jalyiah newbernFeb 2, 2024 at 8:50 am

    I love that TikTok creators and other platforms are giving ideas of different cheaper products for people we are not as wealthy, or just don’t want to spend that much money on makeup. So everyone can have the experience of doing something that they love.