Always Wear What You Want


Fabiola Talavera Lopez, Staff Writer

Always wear what you want to wear!

On average, a person makes 35,000 decisions per day. And, some may not realize deciding what to wear is one of the most important daily decisions that people make that helps them express their self-identity.

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Some researchers suggest the types of clothing people wear can affect their behaviors, as well as their confidence. By wearing clothes they love, people feel confident in themselves. No one wears something that he or she doesn’t want to wear. Choosing what someone wants to wear also contradicts with the idea of  “individualism.” Individualism is the habit of being independent, self-reliant, and self-expressive. The smell of a favorite scent, the feeling of fabric, the sparkle of jewelry or even the completion of an accessory all have a huge impact on individualism and feeling like “you’.” Sophomore Kendra Carrillo has this to say: “I feel like myself or like I’m very noticeable to others or very expressive” when wearing an outfit that she really likes. 

Usually, when a child, the parents almost always choose the outfits. But, once the parents decide to let the child pick his or her own clothes, it is like a whole new world has opened up. Suddenly, these children get to experiment with what suits them best, what type of style they would lean towards more. One gets to find his or her own style and wear practically whatever he or she wants. But, others will always have something to say about what a person wears. No matter what anyone says, though, one must focus on “self” and ignore what others may say. In most cases, their thoughts and opinions do not matter whatsoever. Whatever makes the wearer happy is what matters most.

Some people choose to wear whatever is trending; some like to wear vintage styles, and others opt to wear modern clothing. Lillian Napier, a sophomore, admits, “I like trad-goth (traditional goth)” when describing the most-liked style. Choosing what to wear can also motivate a person. Janita Sharp, also a sophomore, puts it this way: “It determines how my day is going to go–like if it’s a bad outfit, then it’s a bad day.”  People already have so many other worries in the world. Everyone has to deal with the problems that life throws at them–problems with school, work, and family. If someone is going through all that, they might as well walk past the mirror and appreciate how they look. It’s one less worry in their mind!

At the end of the day, don’t judge others for what they wear. It’s their style and their life, so just let others wear what they want to wear–as long as it is school appropriate!