Music Satisfies The Soul

Music Satisfies The Soul

Hanna Al-Aloosi, Staff Writer

Music, a rhythm, is a beat that satisfies the soul and human body.

So many different genres that can affect someone’s day, or mind. Music is everywhere, around everyone. Music can be made from the littlest things–like spoons or pencils–to create that beat a certain someone was humming along to all day. Some people are dependent on music, because it’s their lifestyle, and they’ve used music to continue on with their day. “I listen to music five to six hours a day,” shares junior Bee Williams. “It helps determine my mood when I wake up and enhances that vibe to its full potential.”

Music can be an escape, or a hobby. This one thing has affected so many others with how powerful it can truly be. “Low-key music influenced the way I grew up,” Williams continues. “People sometimes grow up in one genre and it influences their life.” It could be one song or maybe a whole five-hour playlist; it’s the same influence on someone. “I could listen to one song on repeat all day–just that one song,” confides Williams.

Many people have a designated app or place to listen to their certain kind of music. It could be a coffee shop with calm music, a certain restaurant with classy music, or a random place out of the ordinary with the greatest music in the world in someone’s opinion. Multiple apps, like Spotify, keep track of recently played, most played, time on Spotify, and more. Williams notes, “I spent 30,632 minutes listening to Spotify this year–and the year isn’t over.” 

Music can’t exactly be described in one word; rather, it’s something that is felt.  It has as many different uses as there are different types of music. However, all music has something in common: Someone can hear it and know it’s something meant to be heard.