Eating In Classrooms: Food For Thought

Eating In Classrooms: Food For Thought

Jane Gatzemeyer, Staff Writer

Should students be allowed to eat food in class? Here are some aspects to look at. 

Many–if not all–people have had at least one teacher in the past who is extremely against food in his or her classroom. These teachers usually have good reasons, such as not wanting to clean up after students, food going everywhere, spills, etc. 

However, eating in class can always be beneficial, without distraction, to some students. By eating in class, these kids don’t have to worry about being hungry, which can make it hard to concentrate during the class period. Some might argue that teens should eat breakfast, and then there wouldn’t be a problem to begin with. But, not all kids have the luxury of being able to eat before school due to their own personal reasons. And, getting to school in time to eat in the cafeteria isn’t always possible. Sometimes, they are only able to grab-and-go…to their classroom.

To stop students from littering and making messes, there are some simple rules and strategies that teachers can make. Some ideas include using “strikes,” and after a certain number of strikes, the student shouldn’t be allowed to eat during that class for as long as the teacher decides. Another great suggestion for teachers who very much dislike picking up after the students would be to allow kids to eat, but only allowing certain snacks like pretzels, which aren’t particularly messy. Smelly foods also should be made prohibited, as that can be a big distraction for the class as a whole. 

Elkhart-West Sophomore student Abram Zuniga feels strongly about his opinion: “Considering that students have to get up early in the morning and do not leave until 4 p.m this year, students 100 percent should be able to eat.” He thoughtfully continues, “Students are growing rapidly, and sometimes one lunch just doesn’t cut it.” He concludes by saying, “Everyone and every body is different and should be allowed to have snacks when they need.”

Throughout the school, walking from class to class happens to burn lots of energy for all students. Some kids also have the last lunch of the day, or a later lunch. Children should not have to sit in class with stomach aches worrying about when they will be able to get food. Due to the discomfort of being hungry, kids will not be able to truly achieve the grades and education that they deserve. 

Eating in school also provides comfort and a little break from some of the harsher anxiety that school gives most students, especially when it comes to grades and bigger projects like presentations. Maybe teachers like the idea of having a 10-minute free snack time at the beginning, middle, or end of the classroom–just some food for thought.