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Damien Grise
I am a freshman who unknowingly joined the Pennant Newsmagazine—but I actually like it! It is peaceful; I can promise that! It’s something I didn’t expect to be in, but it’s funny how life puts a person where he is supposed to be. The class is calm, and in the quiet, I can write about my own subjects freely—obviously not my own opinion on things, but it’s the subjects I can chose freely. Writing is providing me the opportunity to explore ideas and learn how to express them to others. It will be a great break from what I normally do! I mainly just go home and socialize on the internet, and I go see my friends every once in a while. But, overall, I don’t do much with my free time.

Damien Grise, Writer-East

Nov 18, 2020
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Damien Grise